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We are an Italian company that has been active in the electronics sector for over 30 years. We study, design and develop customised circuit board and electronic equipment solutions for various industrial sectors.
Here, competence, flexibility and innovation go hand in hand. As a result of this formula, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible product.


Technology trend-aware engineers and technicians design hardware, firmware and software, whilst guaranteeing constant technological development and client support.

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We use highly automated assembly lines and skilled personnel who follow a certified quality management system.

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As a result of our highly competent purchasing department, the know-how of the technical department, our industrialisation capabilities and the constant modernisation of our production processes, new responses to the specific needs of each client are always emerging.

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We are competitive in Industry 4.0: industrial automation and primarily, Horeca.
Yet our intuition, experience and continuous training have also enabled us to design circuit boards for the wellness, agricultural, renewable energy, waste management, lighting and professional welding sectors.

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