16-Relay Expansion with SSR GHI control

Card to be connected to the Ghibli basic control.
It allows to considerably expand the potential of the electronic control system by adding new inputs and outputs, in particular it allows the driving of SSR and the management of a water tank. Having the same size and fastening points as the Ghibli mainboard, it can easily be secured on top of the Ghibli mainboard using the same supports.


Connecting via RS485 with the sturdy and reliable Ghibli base
Driving of SSR
Isolated input for water level probe
Inputs for Hall sensors for litre counter and fan speed reading
Simple diagnostics with LEDs mounted on the board
Inputs for temperature probes such as PT100, PT1000, NTC and PTC
Software user-upgradable in a simple and intuitive way
Dimensions 300mm x 105mm

List of inputs

1 input for Hall sensor litre counter
3 inputs for Hall sensor fans speed
3 high voltage inputs (HV)
8 analog inputs for temperature probes
3 digital inputs
1 isolated input for water level probe

List of outputs

10 x 5A relays with NO contacts
3 x 16A relays with NO contacts
3 16A relays with NO and NC contacts
6 outputs for SSR driving
driver for 12V external buzzer

Areas of application

  • Industrial Automation
  • Horeca / Professional Catering
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • HVAC/R Temperature Controls
  • IOT

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