Ghibli Base Control

The starting mainboard from which the system can eventually be expanded with universal integrated 50W power supply. Equipped with several inputs and multiple outputs, it is the basic piece for electronic control of ovens and chillers. It interfaces with the entire series of tablets of our production to offer a complete control system, reliable, fast and easy to use.


100-240Vac 50/60Hz 50W universal integrated, isolated power supply
It interface sits with all our tablets
Simple diagnostics with LEDs mounted on the board
RTC integrated with battery for programming precise and reliable timing schedules
Inputs for temperature probes such as PT100, PT1000, NTC and PTC
Software user-upgradable in a simple and intuitive way
Dimensions 300mm x 105mm

List of inputs

1 x 0-10V input
1 input for remote power on/standby key
3 high voltage inputs (HV)
8 analog inputs for temperature probes
5 digital inputs

List of outputs

1 x 0-10V output
5 x 5A relays with NO contacts
5 x 16A relays with NO contacts
2 x 16A relays with NO and NC contacts
1 x 12V output


1 RS485 port with 12V available
1 RS485 port with 12V and 5V available
1 RS232 port with 12V and 5V available

Areas of application

  • Industrial Automation
  • Horeca / Professional Catering
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • HVAC/R Temperature Controls
  • IOT

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